Tsurezure Children [1] – review

Tsurezure Children is based on a four-panel [4-koma] romantic comedy manga of the same name, the plot revolves around eight [give or take a few] couples, each in a difference stage of adolescent romance.

[I took the time to brush up on any available scanlations of it before it deciding to add it to my seasonal watch list. After skipping a disappointing spring season, I wanted to find something I could honestly enjoy week to week.]

The series tackles pretty much every single genre stereotype in the book, and pokes fun at them, relentlessly. The end result is a very enjoyable [abit fluffy] look into the lives of a bunch of crazy mixed up kids in love. It was actually quite funny, the romantic parts sweet, and the development was actually there vs usual status quo of constant teasing with little to no pay-off [something that most 4-koma are guilty of.]

– has the anime captured the charm and ridiculousness of it’s source material?
Hm, yes, as far as I can tell, the animation staff and the director seem to have captured some of that.

The voice actors/actresses chosen suit their assigned character [something I was worried about], the animation is solid, and I am genuinely invested in seeing how these confessions [or lack there of] play out in the anime.
[hang in there, Takase.]

 ★★★ stars out of ★★★★★