A little bit after my 1 year anniversary and I’ve finally decided on a purpose for this blog…

If you have actually been to my blog before [although I do doubt it because this place has gotten no traffic, nor does it have any reason to get any], you’ll notice that I’ve trashed all of my [6] posts. That’s because they were just reposts of things pertaining to mother’s day and the advent, and they sort of cluttered up my space, I wanted a fresh start. [not that this blog has really had much of any kind of ‘start’ up til now if I’m honest.]


Moving on.

I have decided that I will be using this as a medium for posting anime and video game reviews, I’m a complete newcomer to this, but I’ve always wanted to do it and I think that it’ll be pretty fun. In fact, I don’t even know if anyone will read my reviews or even read what I’ve just written here. However, this is something that I’ve decided on doing. I figured that I watch[have watched] enough anime, and I play enough video games, that NOT reviewing any seems like a bit of a waste.

There will be no political posts of any sort, I won’t address social issues either.
Just good ‘ol thoughts, feelings, and views of mine on some of my favorite subjects.

I will start my reviews off with the new spring season, and just pick a few shows to review episode by episode, that seems to be the least overwhelming way to get into this. [@ least to me anyway.]

Thanks reading –

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