Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul [1-14]

[I know, I know. I’m a bit late to the party here.]
You see, I was initially on the fence about watching this because the first series wasn’t exactly my cup of tea… [not terrible but… didn’t feel worth the time I had put in]. However, I heard a few good things about this [the direct sequel to 2014’s Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis],  and saw a few clips of Nina and… abruptly changed my mind.
She looked so cute! Gave me a major Usagi Tsukino vibe [which is a good thing by the way]. And the way that the show was dealing with a ten year time skip [a serious and seemingly impossible undertaking from where I stood] ACTUALLY didn’t seem so bad. In fact it seemed kind of… superior to the first season.
[okay I admit, the disco cinderella au ending theme is what sealed the deal. sue me.]

And so… I caved and quickly caught up to the most current episode, “Homecoming“.
We find our heroine, Nina, just having narrowly escaped from an underground Anataen prison with Jeanne d’Arc in tow, returning to her village where the dragonfolk live, and reuniting with her mother. [if only for a short while]
A rather sleepy episode, not too much occurs besides some important conversations and slight character development [so not necessarily a bad thing, an episode like this].

I had half jokingly hoped that Jeanne and Nina would -ahem- ‘discuss’ the situation between Nina and Charioce [because as much as I was unsure about their potential romance early on, seeing what a gray character Charioce XVII truly is in these last few episodes… I’m honestly in support of seeing this play out completely, good or bad. Plus I can’t really argue with most of his logic, if only he weren’t such a ruthless king.]
So when Nina began to tease Jeanne about the father of El [which honestly… I’M STILL CONFUSED HOW ‘THAT’ EVEN CAME ABOUT], and in turn Jeanne deferred the conversation to be about Nina’s interest in anyone, seeing Nina’s soft little smile as she ponders for a moment and hearing her say in a small voice, ‘yes’. I just about jumped off of my couch because I had Nina pegged entirely wrong.

[Sure, she’s an airhead who constantly misses the point of a lot of things, but when it comes to her own household and herself, Nina is knows what she’s about. It made my estimation of her character rise that much more. I really like this kid.]

Jeanne seems just as surprised as I was, but as Nina continues to untangle her thoughts and begins to worry about admitting to falling in love with someone who she vaguely mentions has questionable [at best] actions and motivations, Jeanne reassures her that if she TRULY loves this person, she’ll seek to understand them and if in the end she still does, then she truly does love them. [Such excellent reasoning, however, I can’t help but wonder if Jeanne would’ve said the same things if she knew that Nina was talking about the same King who imprisoned her and was the reason why Jeanne was cruelly separated from her son in the first place].
All in all a great scene. Hopefully one that doesn’t end up coming between Nina and Jeanne later on if/when Jeanne learns that the person Nina was talking about/confessing to loving is Charioce.

-Other notable things-

Jeanne still feels immense guilt over what she did in the first season relating to the gods, and I suppose I can sympathize with that. Although this show heavily borrows from pagan/greek mythology, as I Christian I could/would never turn against my God or harm followers/children of his and can’t even begin to imagine how sharp that would cut to a devout person. So, seeing Jeanne crying in the arms of Nina’s mother was very hard to watch, hopefully she’ll see/reunite with her son soon and have some of that pain alleviated. [but I wouldn’t bet on it.]

The village elder being this tiny 2,000 year old lady who can turn into an enormous dragon was ALSO unexpected [I mean THAT painting of THAT dragon all this time was her??? Seriously], and I was very pleased that Nina and Jeanne are already moving on and continuing their journey. Another episode like this would be a complete waste of the remaining, so thankfully SNB has taken a page out of Escaflowne’s book and continues The Plot™ with little to no breaks.

Looking forward to the next episode later on this week!

★★★★ out of ★★★★★


Tsurezure Children [1] – review

Tsurezure Children is based on a four-panel [4-koma] romantic comedy manga of the same name, the plot revolves around eight [give or take a few] couples, each in a difference stage of adolescent romance.

[I took the time to brush up on any available scanlations of it before it deciding to add it to my seasonal watch list. After skipping a disappointing spring season, I wanted to find something I could honestly enjoy week to week.]

The series tackles pretty much every single genre stereotype in the book, and pokes fun at them, relentlessly. The end result is a very enjoyable [abit fluffy] look into the lives of a bunch of crazy mixed up kids in love. It was actually quite funny, the romantic parts sweet, and the development was actually there vs usual status quo of constant teasing with little to no pay-off [something that most 4-koma are guilty of.]

– has the anime captured the charm and ridiculousness of it’s source material?
Hm, yes, as far as I can tell, the animation staff and the director seem to have captured some of that.

The voice actors/actresses chosen suit their assigned character [something I was worried about], the animation is solid, and I am genuinely invested in seeing how these confessions [or lack there of] play out in the anime.
[hang in there, Takase.]

 ★★★ stars out of ★★★★★

A little bit after my 1 year anniversary and I’ve finally decided on a purpose for this blog…

If you have actually been to my blog before [although I do doubt it because this place has gotten no traffic, nor does it have any reason to get any], you’ll notice that I’ve trashed all of my [6] posts. That’s because they were just reposts of things pertaining to mother’s day and the advent, and they sort of cluttered up my space, I wanted a fresh start. [not that this blog has really had much of any kind of ‘start’ up til now if I’m honest.]


Moving on.

I have decided that I will be using this as a medium for posting anime and video game reviews, I’m a complete newcomer to this, but I’ve always wanted to do it and I think that it’ll be pretty fun. In fact, I don’t even know if anyone will read my reviews or even read what I’ve just written here. However, this is something that I’ve decided on doing. I figured that I watch[have watched] enough anime, and I play enough video games, that NOT reviewing any seems like a bit of a waste.

There will be no political posts of any sort, I won’t address social issues either.
Just good ‘ol thoughts, feelings, and views of mine on some of my favorite subjects.

I will start my reviews off with the new spring season, and just pick a few shows to review episode by episode, that seems to be the least overwhelming way to get into this. [@ least to me anyway.]

Thanks reading –

First post [OH JOY]

I’ve primarily made this blog to use for commenting on other wordpress accounts, so don’t expect a lot of activity [if any].

I already have a tumblr and a livejournal, so unless I stumble across an old school fan community for something I like, I have no one to share my thoughts with on here and so no reason to post anything.

-dream, dream away-